Mobile Homes for Rabbits (aka rabbit tractors)

This is a picture of Beatrice:

She is a very cute, gregarious and curious American Chinchilla rabbit.

This is Beatrice’s new home:

Yes, Beatrice lives in a mobile home. But it’s a nice mobile home and she does like it so very much.

In the picture of her home you can also see her friend.

This is Rose:

Rose is a Creme D’Argent rabbit. She too is very sweet –though not quite as gregarious as Beatrice, though almost so. (Beatrice is a hard rabbit to beat for gregarious)

Rose too enjoys living in her new home.

Right now they are in the front yard and not the pasture. Every day they get to watch all the people, cars and dogs go buy (oh yes…and an orange and white cat whose coloring reminds Rose of her relatives)

Beatrice and Rose frequently converse with the neighborhood mini weiner named Buster. He’s not much taller than they are which makes it easy to chat through the wire.

Eventually Rose and Beatrice will grow up and become mom’s. Now though they get to hang out in their home eating clover and grasses. In actuality they are being conditioned to live together and will always be together. Two together is easier to care for than one at a time and it gives them “somebunny” to snuggle with.

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2 Responses to Mobile Homes for Rabbits (aka rabbit tractors)

  1. Hayden says:

    I’ve been interested in doing something like this, but how do you keep them from digging out? I know Salatin did it by putting chicken wire down on his pasture – but I’m guessing you aren’t doing that on your front yard. Or – are you?

    • Monica says:

      If you check out the picture of Rose (the creme d’argent rabbit) she is laying on the part that controls the digging out factor. Not saying that the rabbits never ever dig…just that if they get serious about it they have to work past this 3 bar outer edge you can see her on. Rose is on what we call the “control track” —one “big” outer pipe (a piece of chain link fencing top pipe) which the wire is also attached to and another big pipe which makes up the very most inner edge that pushes them farther away. In between the two is a skinny middle pipe (the smallest diameter electric conduit pipe) that controls the baby rabbits from sitting in the track and digging for shear pleasure and to keep them out of the way better when moving the tractor. The complete span from outside pipe to outside pipe is about 7ish inches, with the inside gap that the small pipe fills being about 4ish inches. Occasionally I do have a rabbit that gets crazy about digging but a “stint in the cage” often helps as does having babies—Does (confusing noun to use with the corresponding verb does) won’t bother leaving if they have babies. Males sometimes dig….and sometimes never dig. Depends on the rabbit. More active breeds will dig more often….less active breeds will rarely dig and often then just small little depression—not serious tunnels. The control track slows everyone down and since I see them twice a day and move once a day even my most aggressive diggers never make it out —but then they go to do a stint behind bars :-D

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